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Our next Dinner of Inspiration
will be held in September, 2024


Visit the Evenings of Inspiration page

as JoJo Marie takes her story on the road

and into your homes for a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests this summer!


My name is Jo Jo Marie Schillaci and I am a motivational speaker, freelance Culinary & Wellness writer as well as the author of my personal memoir My Missing Peace, What I Learned While Bedridden for More Than 1,460 Days.


My Missing Peace follows my journey through a life dominated by paralyzing fear, culminating in a critical and life-altering illness that left me at a crossroads.


In my book, I share my path of self-discovery and authentication, using the struggle of illness as a catalyst for real change in my life. It was during my rehabilitation that I rediscovered my passion for cooking and am now what I refer to as, a culinary enthusiast. I have combined my passions and am excited to offer a unique in home experience called my Dinners of Inspiration.

COME HUNGRY, LEAVE FULFILLED! I'll be setting the table, and I'd love for you to join me when I present the next Dinner of Inspiration in September, 2024.  An announcement will be made in August with details of this unforgettable evening!  

Dinners of Inspiration are a symphony of gastronomic and emotional proportions; a fusion of delicious food and inspirational insights that will leave you satiated in both body and soul. Please see our attached image for our upcoming event menu! Following dinner, I will present a motivational talk delving into the transformative theme of the power of choice! I will explain in detail how I rewired my brain to think differently, allowing me to embrace the power of choice moving forward in my life.


While spending 4 years in a bed I learned how powerful our thoughts can be and how important it is to choose our thoughts carefully. We will examine how choice and consequence influences every aspect of our lives. The evening is sure to leave you empowered, motivated and inspired... because when WE lift each other, WE rise together!

See you in September at our next Dinner of Inspiration or this summer by scheduling an Evening of Inspiration - a one-of-a-kind experience in your home for you and your guests! 

Email today or visit the Evenings of Inspiration page for information!

JoJo Marie


Event Reviews:

"JoJo creates a beautiful evening from the moment you on arrive. A fabulous dinner and genuine, heartfelt conversations. Her talk was insightful and reflective, leaving you with a pure sense of time well spent. Looking forward to attending again!


"OMG the food"!!!

GJ, Mississauga


"I felt so welcomed, from the minute I got there to the second I left. The meal was fantastic, however it paled in comparison to your wonderful talk and the conversation after. You are an inspiration and I will use everything you taught me tonight as I begin my journey of self understanding and self care."

LK, Thornhill


"Thanks for having me, you are truly gifted in so many ways and that itself is inspiring."

SA, Toronto


"I thoroughly enjoyed the evening…dinner was decadent, your talk inspiring and conversation was delightful. It’s a lovely feeling to be surrounded by like-minded and like-hearted people."

SS, Mississauga


"The food was amazing, and the conversations were even better. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and share life experiences together. It was refreshing to take a step back and connect with like-minded individuals in such a warm and welcoming environment. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and look forward to continuing the dialogue. Thank you again for such a delightful evening"

JT, Toronto

"We had such an amazing night with JoJo Marie as she hosted a night of food, wisdom, inspiration, and a heart-filled room of amazing guests. I highly recommend if people have an opportunity to attend. JoJo Marie's story alone is a show of triumph and determination!"

- Shelley Keating

"JoJo Marie's Dinner of Inspiration is brilliant! What a way to spend an evening! A simple concept; a great meal hosted by an amazing author with an incredible story and wisdom to share, followed by an inspiring and thought-provoking discussion. Thank you JoJo Marie! Will be signing up for the next event!"

- Maria Zita

“What a way to spend an evening! The energy was heartwarming and uplifting. I highly recommend booking and bringing a friend. It is a night that will be remembered!"

- Joanne Windh

"What a wonderful evening! Food was awesome and JoJo Marie's talk was particularly fascinating. Incredible hospitality and warmth given at the event. I look forward to the next gathering.”

- Nada Sego

"What a night! JoJo Marie’s Dinner of Inspiration will not just leave you with a full stomach, but with a full heart! Amazing night! Five Stars!"

- Genifer Jameson

"A truly inspirational evening! JoJo Marie’s energy and wisdom set the stage for a thought provoking discussion."

- Jay Saguen

"The food was amazing!"

- Charlene MacGillivray

"Marilyn & I were honoured to attend an event hosted by JoJo Marie. We were treated to an amazing 5 course dinner while having the opportunity to meet and connect with new friends and old acquaintances. What was truly magical about that evening was the intentional sharing of inspirational stories of personal accomplishments and victories over life challenges. No cell phones. No screens. No distractions. Just pure communication among all of those who attended. Thank you to JoJo Marie for hosting such a fabulous evening of inspiration!"

- F. Pirri


:It was truly an amazing night and the people who took part and shared their stories...Truly heartfelt. Host JoJo Marie, an amazing woman with a blessed heart.

- R. Mella

It truly was a lovely evening.

- S. Stuckly


"It was truly an evening of inspiration! The formal dinner...soo delicious! The interaction was lively and JoJo Marie’s heartwarming & inspiring talk! I am blessed, inspired, and thankful! Come to the dinner & refresh your body & soul!"

- M. Esguerra

"It was a very special evening. Loved being in your beautiful, welcoming home and indulging in your fabulous cuisine! Thank you JoJo Marie!"

- S. Cummings

"The meal was wonderful and made with love. It was lovely to meet new people, share stories and renew inspiration from JoJo Marie and one another."

- M. Casimir


Fantastic evening!

- Linda-Jo Ingarra

It is truly inspirational!

- P. Giansante

"A simply beautiful evening of connection!"

- C. Spalding

Photos from our latest Dinner of Inspiration on May 31st, 2024

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