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My name is JoJo Marie Schillaci and I'm an Author, Motivational Speaker and Freelance Culinary & Wellness Contributor. I have recently combined my passions and am excited to now offer a unique in home experience for you and your friends. My brand is Simply JoJo Marie and my mission is to empower, motivate and inspire people to live in peace by embracing a life of simplicity. These evenings bring my philosophy to the kitchen as we create simple, quick and flavourful meals together before sharing a guided conversation focusing on how to create a life of peace by design. This puts a whole new twist on "girls night out!" Come hungry and leave fulfilled with new perspectives, tips and tidbits about life, journeying and evolving. Reserve your seat at the table today!

Event Reviews

"We had such an amazing night with JoJo Marie as she hosted a night of food, wisdom, inspiration, and a heart-filled room of amazing guests. I highly recommend if people have an opportunity to attend. JoJo Marie's story alone is a show of triumph and determination!"

- Shelley Keating

"JoJo Marie's Dinner of Inspiration is brilliant! What a way to spend an evening! A simple concept; a great meal hosted by an amazing author with an incredible story and wisdom to share, followed by an inspiring and thought-provoking discussion. Thank you JoJo Marie! Will be signing up for the next event!"

- Maria Zita

“What a way to spend an evening! The energy was heartwarming and uplifting. I highly recommend booking and bringing a friend. It is a night that will be remembered!"

- Joanne Windh

"What a wonderful evening! Food was awesome and JoJo Marie's talk was particularly fascinating. Incredible hospitality and warmth given at the event. I look forward to the next gathering.”

- Nada Sego

"What a night! JoJo Marie’s Dinner of Inspiration will not just leave you with a full stomach, but with a full heart! Amazing night! Five Stars!"

- Genifer Jameson

"A truly inspirational evening! JoJo Marie’s energy and wisdom set the stage for a thought provoking discussion."

- Jay Saguen

"The food was amazing!"

- Charlene MacGillivray

"Marilyn & I were honoured to attend an event hosted by JoJo Marie. We were treated to an amazing 5 course dinner while having the opportunity to meet and connect with new friends and old acquaintances. What was truly magical about that evening was the intentional sharing of inspirational stories of personal accomplishments and victories over life challenges. No cell phones. No screens. No distractions. Just pure communication among all of those who attended. Thank you to JoJo Marie for hosting such a fabulous evening of inspiration!"

- F. Pirri


:It was truly an amazing night and the people who took part and shared their stories...Truly heartfelt. Host JoJo Marie, an amazing woman with a blessed heart.

- R. Mella

It truly was a lovely evening.

- S. Stuckly


"It was truly an evening of inspiration! The formal dinner...soo delicious! The interaction was lively and JoJo Marie’s heartwarming & inspiring talk! I am blessed, inspired, and thankful! Come to the dinner & refresh your body & soul!"

- M. Esguerra

"It was a very special evening. Loved being in your beautiful, welcoming home and indulging in your fabulous cuisine! Thank you JoJo Marie!"

- S. Cummings

"The meal was wonderful and made with love. It was lovely to meet new people, share stories and renew inspiration from JoJo Marie and one another."

- M. Casimir


Fantastic evening!

- Linda-Jo Ingarra

It is truly inspirational!

- P. Giansante

"A simply beautiful evening of connection!"

- C. Spalding

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