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My Missing Peace follows JoJo Marie Schillaci’s journey through a life dominated by paralyzing fear, culminating in a critical and life-altering illness that left her at a crossroads. In her new book, JoJo Marie shares her path of self-discovery and authentication while being bedridden for 1,460 days, using the struggle of illness as a catalyst for real change in her life. Readers will witness how through solidifying a foundation of trust, one can overcome monumental obstacles and live a life filled with true inner peace.

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Now available as an E-Book for $5.99!

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"Writing my life story has enabled me to give a voice to what had been laying in silence within. It has afforded me the opportunity to cleanse, renew and close the past, enabling me to walk freely and peacefully into my future. A future that is no longer based on fear but based on love."  

JoJo Marie Schillaci


Toronto, Canada

Author Bio

JoJo Marie Schillaci

JoJo Marie is a Toronto-based author, motivational speaker and storyteller, who through her story of overcoming adversity, reveals how she released fear and anger and embraced a new way of thinking, which resulted in self-generated inner peace. JoJo Marie spent her entire life in deep seeded fear, and was forced to face her demons after suffering a debilitating brain injury which left her bedridden for over 1,460 days. By taking control of her thinking, and embracing her vulnerability, she was finally able to achieve inner peace and began living the authentic life she always desired. Her new book, My Missing Peace, is now available!

"An inspiring true life story about resilience, determination, perseverance, hope and humanity. A much needed story for us right now."

- Louie J. Manzo

Brilliantly written in easy flowing prose, My Missing Peace is a must-read, whether you're looking for an intriguing and uplifting story, or you find yourself in a dark place and want to see how JoJo Marie overcame her struggles to finally lead her best life. This roller coaster of a book will keep you engaged throughout. Highly recommend this book!

- R. Martin



"Some chapters are brief and humorous, while others provide solace and reflection. Several are worth reading twice, and selfishly I wanted to hear more. I found a new friend who brought me knowledge and comfort through her personal rebirth. My "Missing Peace" is the lighthouse that ensures a safe space to feel sadness, remorse, pain, and anger but also joy, laughter, and love…Thank you JoJo, I appreciate the journey."

- Grace Z


Motivational Speaking

JoJo Marie has an undeniable way of reaching audiences through her motivational speaking, leaving them feeling empowered, motivated and inspired. She encourages people to embrace their vulnerability as a catalyst for change, setting the stage for them to begin living their best authentic lives free of fear and falsehoods.

"JoJo's story is one of true power and determination in the face of real adversity. She takes you on a journey of highs and lows, with happy surprising turns that make you truly believe in the power of the human spirit. You could hear a pin drop during her presentation - everyone was hanging on every word with true delight and joy in the end."

Martha Henderson

Host, Spoken Lives Toronto West

2008 Olympian

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The 5 Pillars of Transformation

Being bedridden for over 1,460 days with a neurological illness caused JoJo Marie to lose everything she knew herself to be and be part of. JoJo shares her journey of transforming pain, anger and bitterness into Trust, Acceptance, Gratitude, Commitment and Liberation; the 5 Pillars of Transformation. These pillars enabled JoJo Marie to pave a path of joy and wellness, propelling her into a Universe of infinite possibilities and deep inner peace. It is a story that will empower, motivate and inspire anyone who has ever been told: “it can’t be done.”

Healing Vibration

It is very important to stand guard against the negative energy that surrounds, and also the negative energy which we create within us. Our awareness and intention of energy will create our reality in each and every moment. Beat the drum of your desires and allow the healing vibration to resonate within you and around you.

I Am Not a Warrior

The true gift in my healing was coming out the other side a kinder, gentler and more compassionate human being. When I realized that I had more to gain by embracing vulnerability than I did by putting up armour, my world changed forever.

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